Monday, July 2, 2012

Alaina's Mid-2012 Review

At the close of 2011 when I was asked to contribute to the top albums list for this blog, I had to do some serious homework. I hadn't listened to more than 10 new albums throughout the year. Imagine! Then came Spotify and my life changed forever (or at least until some other music streaming service steals me away).

Below are the albums I've liked the most so far this year. I had a really hard time putting them in order, so take the ranking below with a grain of salt.

8. The Lumineers - "The Lumineers"
I am just really enjoying this album. Easily a contender for my Beard Folk playlist.

7. Tanlines - "Mixed Emotions"
This album is different than the other music I've been listening to lately, but it's intriguing. Nothing brings you back to the '80s like a good synthesizer, but this feels like more than a throwback. It's new and interesting.

6. JayMay - "10under2"
"10under2" is short, sweet, and funand will require no more than 20 minutes of your life to review.

5. Vacationer - "Gone"
Upon my first consideration of Vacationer, I told Ron Bronson that it was like Foster the People and Vampire Weekend had made a music baby. I challenge you to listen to this album and then disagree. Or, just listen to this album and enjoy it for being really great and dynamic.

4. Now, Now - "Threads"
Moody-broody goodness. I listened to this album on repeat for a few weeks. It's a little addictive.

3. Of Monsters and Men - "My Head is an Animal"
I've seen Of Monsters and Men classified as folk, indie, alternative. I feel like this album is bigger than just folk or whatever it is "indie" is these days. There are haunting melodies, harmonies, and layers.

2 or 1. Kimbra - "Vows"
When an album is released outside of the U.S. in 2011, but then released here in 2012, can it be listed in a 2012 review? I say yes. And so I give you Kimbra. You may know her as the female vocalist featured in Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know." Spotify describes her music as "jazzy R&B and indie-rock influenced dance music." Umm, that about covers it.

1 or 2. Fun. - "Some Nights"
My husband has been listening to Fun. for a few years. Like I do, I resisted listening to their music at length because I like making my own musical decisions. I'm super open-minded like that. This spring, though, we saw Fun. live, and I was hooked. The live show was so energetic and captivating. I even bought a t-shirt.


  1. I own exactly two albums on your list: Fun. and Of Monsters and Men. Clearly I need to get out of my funk for old geezer rock and listen to more Beard Folk. Thanks.

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