Saturday, December 28, 2013

Curtiss' Top 25 Albums of 2013: 20-16

20. Five Iron Frenzy - Engine of a Million Plots

Five Iron Frenzy is back again with another enjoyable album. For those unfamiliar with 5IF, they mix a lot of ska, a little swing and tiny bit of extra punk into their music, making for a fun romp through the album.

19. Ministry - Enjoy the Quiet: Live at Wacken

This is a great live album from one of my favorite groups of all time. Ministry put this album together from a combination of songs mostly off of their four most recent studio albums, with three of their most popular classics thrown on at the end, for good measure. This live album proves one thing: although Jourgensen continues to age, he's still got it, and Ministry still kicks some serious ass, in studio or on stage.

18. Erasure - Snow Globe

Quite honestly, the only reason this album ranks as lowly as it does on my list is simply because it's Christmas-themed. This is definitely my favorite new Christmas album, but I just can't see myself wanting to listen to most of it once January or February rolls around. That said, despite the Christmas theme within this album, and the fact that they do perform five or six of the "standards", this is every bit an Erasure album. It is so great to hear this duo back together and holding themselves to the same standards they always have.

17. Moby - Innocents

Moby is almost what I would call a "guilty pleasure" for myself. Although he's incredibly popular, his music definitely doesn't fit into the mold of much of the music I spend my days listening to. That said, I still love him. This album is quite a bit different than the stuff you're probably used to hearing on the radio, but it's still a good album with some real diamonds on it.

16. Bad Religion - True North

Bad Religion is starting to become more and more like Motorhead every year. When I say that, I don't mean that they're making the same kind of music, or sounding like them. Instead, what I mean is that they're simply consistent. Just as you can rely on Motorhead releasing basically the same album over and over again, with a new title and some new lyrics, every year or two; you can rely on Bad Religion for the same thing. The difference, for me, is that I haven't yet gotten tired of hearing Bad Religion do so (which is weird for me to say, as Motorhead was among my top 5 bands for a long time). If you're a fan of Bad Religion, and you're looking for yet another collection of purely Bad Religion songs to add to your collection, this is definitely a good one to pick up.

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